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  1. strawberry

    Custom 3D Animated Renders

    Hello! Just a small follow-up that considering the history of the thread, any future derailment of the thread will be met with little tolerance, and anyone with a repeat offense in the thread may get threadbanned. I've edited the OP of the thread with this notice to ensure visibility. Please...
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    im a fake fan my herta is still lvl 20 [IMG]

    im a fake fan my herta is still lvl 20
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    Deka___'s art thread

    Metapod is vibing Just wanted to let you know that you're now an approved artist! It's just a signifier that in case you're ever interested, you can now contribute to stuff like art for social media, art for articles, and the flying press. something to note is that you can now see TFP's Media...
  4. strawberry

    Kiwi's visual vine

    the sketches are so adorable! looking forward to seeing more :toast:
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    apples (green sour ones)

    apples (green sour ones)
  7. strawberry

     Draw this in your own style 2

    I was super excited when I saw the piece since i recognized Ssensenh right away! I'm humbled to get to see your take on something i've made, it's so good! I've been a quiet fan of your work for ages, ty for trading with me :) And thank you Kiwi for a super well executed event, as well as...
  8. strawberry

    Custom 3D Animated Renders

    Hello! I've deleted the above posts, and will leave a bit of a note here for anyone planning on posting with feedback here in the future. It's fine to leave some of your thoughts regarding the project. Respectful critique regarding some of the work presented? Sure. Suggestions regarding...
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    Kiwi's visual vine

    ty for wooper
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    just a bit

    just a bit
  12. strawberry

    New Name and Profile Change Requests (Yet Again) [READ THE OP]

    can i get a namechange to "strawberry" the account using it is super ancient so i think it's ok! is this a celeste reference--mari no, just a strawberry. - strawberry
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     Draw this in your own style 2

    in :toast:
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    no idea why tho im not a fan of it :(

    no idea why tho im not a fan of it :(
  15. strawberry

     emergency meeting

    we'll get them next time guys, will start gathering funds to bribe flying press staff members for vote rigging purposes early on thank you for taking the time to share some top tier doodles with me o/
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     emergency meeting

    Okay! We all know smeargle's community has the most luxurious content ever. We're so humble, handsome, wholesome, and if you want to further reinforce our delusions you can do so by voting for Smeargle's Studio in the Smog Awards as the nicest community right HERE. Also while you're here share...
  17. strawberry

    Smog Awards 2022: Voting Round

    he's threatening you with incredible violence to vote for smeargle's or else
  18. strawberry

     Picture Telephone Megathread

    this is peak smeargle's content pissog i loved your submission sm!!
  19. strawberry

    my draws, look at them

    gonna treat this as a bit of an update post from me! been away for a bit, i've been having trouble with some health issues of mine for a while now, and recently have been able to mostly fully recover. my apologies for anyone who had difficulty reaching me/sporadic responses from me during this...
  20. strawberry

    Pokemon Legends Arceus 3D Sprite ani/shiny/back/back shiny and icons

    Presenting others' work as your own is a serious offense, I hope you consider this a wake-up call to never do it again. Locking this.